Monday 22nd August – Trip to Proserpine

One of my uncles who is 95 has passed away, a true gentleman and a real good bloke. So I’m definitely off to say goodbye and catch up with a swag of family. Ride off early Monday and arrive in Arlie Beach at my sisters (Maree) and her Husband (Daniel) place. Daniel is a very good cook. I can honestly say that he cooks one of the best steaks I’ve ever had. It is overflowing so I went to a nearby Motel (Best Western) at Jubilee Pocket. The owners were very friendly. The place was old but clean and neat. $100 It had a small lounge which included a self contained but small kitchen, bedroom, ensuite and a verandah.


Across the road was an IGA and this beaut café it had only just opened and is called UNEEK also around the corner a little bit…not far there is the pub, how good is that?IMG_0710 IMG_0709 IMG_0708

Riding home Wednesday and its forecast 80% chance of rain for over half the trip. So its on with the wet weather gear but its 120% humidity and sweating really bad. My clothes are wetter on the inside than outside.

Rain gear is off while I have breakfast and have left them off.

Dodged nearly all the rain on the way home.

Sat 13th August – On my way home from Scone

Trike is outside in the freezing with ice on it. I was warm and toasty but the temps about 1C so I have a leisurely breakfast and leave about 8ish.

Stop for fuel at Tentafield and nearly fall over, I am so cold that I am starting to shiver. Grab some fuel (Premium 95 or better for this baby) a meat pie and two cherryripes. Walked around in the sun for awhile and feel nearly human again.

Next stop Toowoomba

scone to highfield route

I find myself in the Country Comfort Highfield Motor Inn, nothing but style this trip.

IMG_0701Look under cover 🙂

Met some very lovely people from Melbourne and also a fellow biker from Bundaberg. A man of many talents a musician, house renovator with wife and 5 kids. I ask a newby question if they are good practising catholics cause I believe its not very common these days. Nope, with a bouncy laugh, his wife says “We just like sex. Well that shut me up, lost for words.


Picked up the Trike.

Its Friday the 12th August and I’m off from Gladstone to Sydney, Train to Gosford and picked up by Johann from OZ trikes to Somersby.

Don’t quote me exactly but the train fares were like 25$ from the airport to Sydney and 8$ from central to Gosford??? go figure.

This is the what I am excited about, picking up a BOOM Trike Mustang ST1, black and all mine.




Its about 2ish in the arvo and after a short round the block Competency to Operate ride and then finalise the paperwork, Johann gives me another what all the switches and dials do and a friendly warning about ensuring I drive in the middle of the road and be aware of the location of my back wheels, I am on my way.  Yeehaa!

I find my way to the freeway and freaking out, I’m wandering a bit and back wheels are going over the lines. I am getting the boomp boomp from the cats eyes and cars are giving me a wide berth 🙁

But I mange to settle down after a while and start to enjoy (maybe a little over confident …)


Its starting to get cold, need fuel for me and the Trike and a place to sleep. Here we go, Scone Motor Inn, restaurant on the side..bewdy! 2016-08-28_11-46-47

Just in time too as it’s 5C and I have jeans and a jacket and really starting too cool down.